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A letter from Garth:

I am fairly well experienced in the area of astral projection and lucid dreaming. It seemed to come naturally. I never had a teacher.

I am quite familiar with the other realms you discuss. I may have different names for them, because of my development which was void of outside influence.

However, I haven't seen this realm/place/dimension discussed. At times I am positive I have travelled to an earth with an alternate history. Some are fairly familiar, some have historical paths which diverged long ago. One involved a world where the US never went to war against Germany in WWII, only Japan. Another was very divergent. Native Americans, the Navajo, had developed an extensive trade network empire and "discovered" Europe during the 11 century. Their governmental structure eminded me of the Habsburgs Holland. Anyhow, They, the Navajos, of this world were the economic technological superpower. Many worlds I can't even place. Some are void of life because of war or disease. Most aren't as technologically advanced as our own. Some are much more so.

When I get details of important historical events in these alter - earths I try to look them up here. In many cases I can find something very similar, but of little import here. Supposedly because nothing important grew out of the event. But I distinctly recall never having read this info previous to these dreams.

Have you heard of this? Have you heard of people Astrally projecting into historically different earths? I would really like to know.

Ironic you mention Monroe (English title: Journeys Out of the Body). I read his book at a young age and I think I learned a lot. Like I said before, I think my natural ability to lucid dream helps me astrally project. I am able to put myself into a very alteredstate of consciousness which seems quite helpful.

I'm currently trying to find others who do the same inter world travel I (think) I have done. No luck so far.

If you find time I would very much appreciate any info you have
Thank You

I wanted to point out a few things: First of all the indians I describe as Navajo shared physical and cultural traits with other indians local to the area. Namely the Hopi and the Pueblo (I've been researching). The height and braids are definately right for the Navajo, but the ones I saw or at least remember wore white face paint and had red circles painted on each cheek. This is more Hopi (still looking up any meaning - the style of painting usually meant somthing). The Pueblos themselves were the city builders. I just wanted to point this out befor some expert on indians found errors. Now in our history neither of these groups worked together. The Navajo were the enemies of the Hopi and maybe Pueblo IN OUR HISTORY. This is one thing that ended their nascent trade empire.

Now its possible that in another timline these groups were amicable and even formed into one tribe. This would explain the sharing of traits and would prevent the strife from occurring that ruined them in our timeline. They may have just stuck with the name Navajo. The name Navajo comes from the Apache and basically means enemy so all these integrated groups would be enemy.

I think if we assume that the three groups: Hopi, Pueblo and Navajo combined/intermarried as shown by traits of all three represented in the individuals seen we are O.K.. Unlike our world where the three tribes stil fight. A united group would have been the only thing strong enough to forge a strong trade empire.

Lastly the WW II alter history may have similarities with some stories. I don't know. I was told there is a story (name unknown) that sounds similar.

Here some links, which are dealing with WWII in parallel worlds. I got them from Alan:
Disclaimer: I neither can guarantee the truth of the text in the below brought links, nor does the content relate to own experiences (I have none at that field).

The Montauk Time-Line Engineers?
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Technical Manual, written by Nigel G. Mitchell [This is some technical info relating to the sci-fi series SLIDERS. Science fiction today... science fact tomorrow!?]

Thanks Alan for your contribution

Alfred Ballabene, Vienna, Austria, Europe, 2000