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re[3]: Vampire
Jokke * schrieb am 22. Juli 2014 um 21:49 Uhr (1447x gelesen):

Across the Forest
In the mountains of Transylvania, ancient beliefs in the supernatural can still be found. These beliefs are quickly dying out as the world modernizes around the tiny villages of the Carpathians. Two American filmmakers journey across the forest to collect stories of vampires, werewolves and forest spirits. Through conversations with Romanian villagers, the filmmakers take the viewer on a bizarre journey into the supernatural beliefs of a world that is rarely glimpsed and will never be seen again.

Presented here is the living folklore that haunts the collective imagination of Transylvania. See for yourself the tiny villages and ancient customs of this little known corner of the world. Devoid of reenactments and sensationalism, this documentary proves that fact can be stranger than fiction.