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Catherine Bowman

Jokke * schrieb am 23. Juli 2012 um 6:18 Uhr (2270x gelesen):

Catherine Bowman

Entities Among Us:
Unseen Forces That Affect Our Daily Lives

Entities Among Us addresses the fact that, consciously or not, all of us are sensitive to unseen vibrations. It offers a unique approach to understanding the various energies affecting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. These energies arise from places, thought forms, possessions, human parasites, ghosts, poltergeists, astral garbage, psychic attack, and Universal frequencies. Entities Among Us is a must-read for anyone: * living in a house with undesirable energies * detecting the presence of spirits or poltergeist activities * experiencing negative vibrations in the workplace * having surgery * visiting a hospital or doctor's office * being in bars or gambling establishments * having a near-death experience * having an out-of-body experience * emotionally distressed when in the presence of a certain type of person * having the feeling your energies are being drained * being emotionally or physically dominated by another person * suddenly awakened during the night * sensing loving higher spiritual energies guiding and directing your life * dabbling with occult games such as ouji boards, tarot cards, seances * becoming emotionally distraught or depressed for no apparent reason * being in the presence of ancient sites or archaeological wonders * taking on other people's emotions as your own This book will be of particular value to those people who are consciously pursuing their spiritual path, preparing their minds and bodies for the new energies of Ascension. Through raising the frequencies of our inner selves, the risk of attracting unwanted lower energies is ever present. The next step in our personal evolution is to recognize these imposing energy sources, get rid of them, and protect ourselves from future invasions. By following the recommendations given in Entities Among Us, readers will be able to easily identify the invading energy's source. A reference guide has been provided listing the type of unwanted energy and remedies for its removal. Some of the 22 remedies are using music, noises, candles, body crossing, self and partner possession removal, house clearing, ghost busting, white light, violet vortex, and poltergeist elimination. The first of two meditations at the end of the book assist the reader to balance and protect his/her aura. The second connects the reader with a Master teacher to promote an expansion of consciousness. After reading and doing the clearing remedies in Entities Among Us, the reader will be able to: * deal with any type of invading energy from spirits and people * have an in-depth understanding of the various planes of existence * make a solid connection to spirit guides * insure against future energy invasions * have an appreciation for all energies * assist with possession removal * have a fortified and cleared aura * enter an environment/situation and clear any negative energy