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D.Scott Rogo Raymond Bayless

Jokke * schrieb am 16. Januar 2012 um 19:26 Uhr (2638x gelesen):

Eine Studie über das paranormale Telefonphänomen und paranormale Netzwerkstörung, teuer aber lohnenswert!

Phone calls from the dead

The results of a two-year investigation
into an incredible phenomenon

This is a phenomenon in which people literally receive phone calls from the dead. The deceased
caller usually had a closed relationship with the recipient.
In such calls, the telephone usually rings normally, but may sound flat and abnormal. Usually the
connection is bad and the voice of the deceased fades. The voice is recognizable, however, and
usually speaks familiar or pet names and words. The phone call is terminated abruptly, either by the
caller or by the line going dead. If the voice is too faint, the recipient may hang up in frustration.
If the recipient knows the caller id deceased, he or she may enter a state of shock and hang up
immediately. If the recipient does not know that the caller is dead, he or she may talk as long as
thirty minutes. Usually such calls occur within twenty-for hours after the caller's death, although,
some calls have been reported as long as two years from the time of death.

Generally the purpose of such mysterious calls seems to be to leave a farewell message, or a
warning of an impending danger, or information needed by the living. Actress Ida Lupino received a
phone call from her father six months after his death; he told her the whereabouts of some papers to
settle his estate.
Other calls have been made in apparent observance of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. The
caller may just speak a phrase such as "Hello Mom, is that you?"
Such phone calls have gone in the opposite direction too. The caller carries on a normal
conversation with the recipient only to later discover the recipient was already deceased at the time
when the call occurred.

Although there is no satisfactory explanation for the strange calls from the dead, there have been
several theories put forth. One holds that the dead do place the calls through supernatural
manipulation of the telephone mechanisms and circuitry. Another holds that they are hallucinations
caused in part by Psychokinesis (PK) accomplished subconsciously by the recipient. Other theories
suggest that the calls are pure fantasy, or tricks played on the living by low-level spirits.
Most modern parapsychologists do not take such calls seriously. In the early twentieth century,
investigators modified the telegraph and wireless with the hopes of communicating with the dead.
Thomas Edison, whose parents were Spiritualists, worked on but never completed a telephone that
he hoped would connect the living with the dead. During the 1940s the "psychic telephone"
experiments were conduct in England and America in attempts to reach the dead. Again, interest
arose in the 1960s when Konstantin Raudive announced that he had captured voices of the dead in
electromagnetic tape. (see Electronic voice phenomenon) A.G.H.

Phone Calls from the Dead:

The results of a two-year investigation into an incredible phenomenon

"This book has been extremely difficult to draft since it concerns a subject upon which nothing was
previously been written" note the writers in 1979 in their acknowledgments though this is actually
not quite true:The first contacts from beyond via telephone were described in detail in a book
entitled "Voices from Beyond by Telephone" written by the Brazilian Carlos G. Ramos under the
pen-name Oscar D'Argonell in 1925.However these two books seem to be the only ones written
exclusively about an object that -among many others- gained the attention of writers who were
involved in ADC [After Death Communication] phenomena and was included -wrongly to my
opinion-in the research field of ITC. [Instrumental Transcommunication] The cases examined by
the authors in the book -without estimating the statistical details-are less than one might expect,
about 10-15 but were analysed accurately and intensively. Notable also is the element of spectacular
coincidences related with the cases mentioned and can not be ignored. In order to approach an
explanation about paranormal Telephony the writers examine three theories:The spiritistic or
survival theory,"to begin with, we of course felt that these alleged phone manipulations might
indeed be masterminded by the dead during attempts to contact us",the EDB [extradimensional
being] theory "however we could not dismiss the possibility that some other types of paraphysical
or extradimensional being-perhaps invisible denizens which co-inhabit the Earth with us or exist in
some parallel universe- might be playing a huge cosmic joke on us..such beings might be endowed
with the ability to manipulate our phone system and mimic the voices of the dead" and finally the
PK [psychokinetik]-from the living theory."Finally we also thought that the witnesses themselves
might be unwittingly manufacturing these calls through their own innate mind-over-matter [or
psychokinetic] abilities." [Chapter 4.The source of the calls I. Problems and possibilities]The calls
themselves are collected into the following categories: 1."crisis" calls , received within 24 hours of
the caller's death,2.postmortem calls, received within 7 days after death 3,4,5. calls within 30
days,from 2 to 6 months and after 6 months. The authors also try to explain the "Mechanics of the
Calls" [Chapter 6] which seems to be the most difficult of all. "To date unfortunately no phantom
caller has ever explained to his bewildered listener just how he produced his call so all we can do is
guess" Their remarks though are interesting indeed.
They examine two different theories , the electromagnetic theory "If these calls are incoming
signals, then the phantom telephone voices would have to be an electromagnetic phenomenon...our
witnesses really heard only a pattern of electrical oscillations that imitated human speech." and the
paraphysical theory "if however these voices are somehow being produced over or within the
specific instruments on which they are received , their nature might be different...they might be
some sort of human speech or "independent voice"..speaking directly over the amplifier in the
receiver." The authors also include in their book a chapter about the history of EVP [Electronic
Voice Phenomena]that is to my opinion -regardless of the informations reported- a mistake of them,
[Electronic contact with the dead:A wider Perspective Chapter 8.]since the reader might be
confused with informations that don't have to do a lot with the object of the book.Last but not the
least in their last chapter [Appendix: some critic of the evidence] the authors don't hesitate and that
is to their honour to include in their book the critique of others about their work , though it seems
that some of it is against them!"after completing the first major draft of this volume copies were
sent to three well known and highly respected parapsychologists , each of whom agreed to write
some comments for us.[Dr.Gertrude Schmeidler, Dr.John Palmer and Dr John Beloff.]
D. Scott Rogo who unfortunately was brutally murdered on 16 August 1990 and ever since did not
communicate with nobody in this mortal world by the phone ,together with his colleague Raymond
Bayless seemed to know very well the difficulties of their attempt to explain this paranormal
phenomenon. Their investigations lasted two years and reading them is no loss of time. More than
two decades later uncountable writers mention their book to their bibliography about several
paranormal phenomena mostly related with EVP and ITC investigations. I would like not to write
and publish all this , something that it was found out to be against my best will but a review i read
about that book to my opinion was completely unfair.Anyway the book is so rare now that the
continuation of publishing opinions seems to be hardly expected.
Train Victim's Cell Kept Calling Loved Ones After He Died
September 17, 2008
SIMI VALLEY -- One local family whose loved one died in the Metrolink collision is still
questioning something that happened that night.
They got several phone calls from 49-year-old Chuck Peck after the crash. But they now know he
died on impact.
Peck's fiancee, Andrea Katz, told KTLA that the first call was to his son in Utah.
"...and he said my dad just called me and I said, what did he say? Is he okay? Where is he? He
didn't say anything, the phone rang and it said dad," Peck's fiance Andrea Katz told KTLA.
As firefighters worked to rescue survivors, family members said Peck's cell phone kept calling his
son, his brother, his stepmother, his sister and his fiancee.
But when they answered all they heard was static.
And when family members called back, the calls went straight to voice mail.
In all, family members say they received about 35 calls from Peck's cell phone through the night.
Nearly five hours after the crash at 9:08 p.m., Katz received a call.
"We were yelling in the phone, hang in there baby. We're gonna get you out. You're gonna be okay,"
Katz said.

When the rescue efforts turned to recovery, there was another call, which prompted search crews to
trace it. They realized it was coming from the first train so they went back in one last time.
"And they were so excited they had this incredible adrenaline rush at thought that they could
possibly go find another survivor... we gave her a description and they spent the next couple of
hours looking for him and they did end up finding him and they said that he had died immediately
on impact and there was no way he could have been calling us," Katz said.
The calls stopped at 3:28 a.m., about an hour before Peck's body was found.
Katz said the phone calls helped the family get through the night.

"The intellectual side of my brain thinks gee, it was a computer malfunction and then the emotional
side of my brain, it was just Chuck letting us know that he knew that we were scared for him and
letting us have hope."
Katz said she also finds comfort in knowing she and Peck were happy and that he didn't suffer in
the end.
"He died instantly and he didn't suffer and when you love somebody you couldn't ask for a better
way for them to leave this life, just happy and excited and didn't see it coming."
Investigators said they may never know how those calls were made because Peck's phone was never
They also say his body showed no sign that he lived even for a short time after the crash.
Can you hear me now? Phone calls from beyond the grave
This is a supposed true story from around 2005 in a small southern town. According to the rumors,
it was verified by a local paper but never made national headlines for whatever reason. Do you
believe it?
With his family at his bedside in the living room of his home, the man took his last breath after a
long excruciating battle with cancer. The hospice nurse arrived at the home around thirty minutes
after his death and verified that he was dead by use of a stethoscope.
The nurse called the funeral home and the workers arrived three hours later to pick up the body.
His beloved cell phone was next to his bed, as always, when he past away. He couldn't leave the
house in his final days so he used the cell phone to communicate with the outside world. He had
become uncharacteristically fond of his cell phone in his final few weeks.
The man's family decided that he should be buried with the cell phone along with various photos
and other personal items. They left the cell phone powered on with a picture of his immediate
family as the screen background. They planned on canceling the phone service after the funeral.
A couple of days after the funeral, the home phone of one of the sons of the deceased man rang.
When he looked at the caller ID, it indicated that it was originating from the phone that was placed
in the casket. When he answered the phone, there was just silence. This happened several times that
same day.
The son naturally thought that the cell phone was pilfered by one of the cemetery workers before
they filled in the grave. They hadn't canceled the phone service yet so they figured the worker was
getting his fill of free phone service and practical jokes. The son contacted the funeral home and
angrily demanded that they find out if one of the workers had done so. After doing so, the funeral
home stated that all the workers denied any knowledge of the phone being taken.
The son and a couple of his siblings went to the gravesite which was in a quiet meadow just on the
outskirts of town. They kneeled down by the grave and called the cell phone number. To their
surprise, they could faintly hear the cell phone ringing from inside the vault below the ground. They
knew with the practice of modern embalming, there was little chance of their father being buried
alive. However, had the funeral home neglected to embalm their dad and was he buried when he
was merely unconscious?
The family had the body exhumed as soon as possible. Family members were present when the
casket was opened. When they looked at the cell phone, it still had power and was indicating missed
calls as expected. However, to their surprise, when they checked outgoing calls, the phone indicated
that several calls were placed a couple of days after the funeral. Officials then verified that the man
was indeed embalmed.
The phone was not placed back in the casket for reburial. The family left the cell phone service
active for a few weeks but never received another call. Rumor has it that the family was contacted
by a national TV show but declined to give their story. They also threatened to sue anyone involved
in the matter if they talked. Rumors spread but remained just that, rumors.
Had a cemetery worker stolen the phone then somehow placed it back in the casket later. Or, were
the calls placed from the beyond? We will likely never know the answer to this fascinating mystery.