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Louise Ireland-Frey

Jokke * schrieb am 23. Juli 2012 um 6:14 Uhr (2352x gelesen):

Louise Ireland-Frey

Freeing the Captives:
The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment

A must-read for anybody who believes she or he may be housing a haranguing haunt, hypnotherapist Louise Ireland-Frey packs this 333-page volume with hundreds of case histories to illustrate how and why the living may become "possessed," "obsessed," or "influenced" by the dead. Making the case that most invading spirits do not have evil intent but rather are frightened, confused, or just plain lost, she describes how she and her colleagues have learned to release the living from the dead and the dead from the living. The doctor's down-to-earth delivery may make a believer out of the most devout skeptic, thereby providing an alternative therapeutic approach for a host of possibly misdiagnosed physical, mental, and emotional disorders previously deemed impervious to treatment. --Randall Cohan