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re: Annabel Chaplin
Jokke * schrieb am 15. Februar 2013 um 23:14 Uhr (2434x gelesen):

Kleiner Auzug aus dem Buch....


There are many who have a clear indication of being obsessed and of times tormented by the activities of the dead. One such beleaguered woman, about fifty-five years of age, came to me several years ago with a not too uncommon problem. Shortly after her husband died she was awakened during the night by the feeling of someone in the room with her, shaking her to awaken her.

Frightened by the thought that it seemed like her dead husband's touch, she turned on the light and tried to resume her interrupted sleep. Much to her distress this happening began to occur regularly. Some months later she met another man who had lost his wife and finding they had much in common they began to spend a great deal of time together. Now the nightly interruptions of her dead husband began to take on a more ominous meaning. Lydia had heard about our work with the dead from a friend and had asked if she might come to see me. I liked her immediately. She was straightforward, sincere, and most pleasant.

She explained her marriage by informing me that it had been like many marriages, "full of ups and downs" but on the whole quite satisfactory. Her newly found male friend was in many ways more congenial than her husband, and she was anxious to continue the relationship without being tormented by feelings of guilt.

She didn't know what to do. She hated to give up the companionship which was making her life so pleasant and enjoyable and at the same time she was afraid of the disturbing presence of her dead husband.
"If my husband would leave me alone, I could be so happy. But at night, when I feel his fingernails digging into my shoulder, shaking me to awaken me, I wonder if he is trying to tell me something.

There is no conversation or anything like that, for always when I turn on the light he goes away and I am alone again. I think perhaps my husband doesn't want me to be with another man, but I don't want to give up my friend. I am losing so much sleep over this, and I don't know what to do." She was bewildered and frightened-her life made miserable by an occurrence which she had no way of controlling. It was a dilemma. Lydia was locked into a predicament which seemed unsolvable.

I reassured her that perhaps her dead husband did not object to the new relationship because he had begun his nightly visits to her long before she had met her present friend. She agreed, but couldn't understand why he had become so increasingly insistent, disturbing her sleep. I suggested that he probably was earth-bound, wanted to go on, but couldn't make it without her help. "He is trying in the only way he knows to awaken you and make you aware of his need. There are some people who die without any preparation for the life beyond and somehow lose their way. That seems to be your husband's problem.

There are countless numbers like him, but he is more fortunate than most of them because he has been able to contact you and make you aware of his dilemma. I believe he wants his freedom as much as you do ."Basing my premise on the assumption that this man had lost his way and was seeking help, I explained to Lydia the method that had been successfully used for similar cases. She gladly accepted the explanation and appeared relieved that there was a solution. In retrospect I am completely amazed how readily most people responded and agreed to the unusual procedure. Lydia was no exception.

With great trust she easily joined me in the prayer of release. The response from Lydia's husband was exceptionally good. Lydia herself was magnificent in her conversation with him as she explained the situation and his impossible status in trying to maintain a way of life inconsistent with his condition. She told him of the Bright Light and suggested he look for helpers to guide him to his new abode. She was reassuring as she tried to transmit to him her own belief that he would be much better off going on to where he belonged - the place that was right for him. We concluded as usual with the Twenty-third Psalm. The results were instantaneous.

From that moment on Lydia's dead husband never again bothered her. Her effort to free him enabled her to live her own life without fear or guilt-free to enter into a normal, healthy relationship with another man. Hopefully we trust that her husband is in the Land of Light where he belongs, and where he is free to grow according to the law of the world beyond.