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re[2]: Beschützender Wolf
lokita * schrieb am 18. November 2015 um 17:31 Uhr (2134x gelesen):

Bonjour Anton! Da meine PN nicht zu funktionieren scheint schreibe ich den zweiten Teil hier.

Anyone out here good at interpreting dreams?
Had a dream that I just woke up from. I'm going to keep it short and just write what extremely stuck out and what I remember in vivid detail.

These two words: Transformational Beauties (in the dream it was the name of some album that was playing in the room I was standing in.)

The room was completely underwater, furnished, and had a very large glass/wooden entrance. Everything was white and subtle colors in general. I saw the girl as she was swimming and she did some sort of flip and all of the sudden she was laying on the floor of the room (again... entirely filled with water) motionless. It seemed as I saw her through some sort of wall and suddenly I was swimming inside of the room. There was a woman lying on the couch asleep (she had been crying.) I assume it was her mother. I swam over to a kitchen within the room and there was a cd player, playing the tunes of this album "transformational beauties" and on the cover was a desert, some flowers.. the song playing at the time seemed so soothing I just stayed there floating in front of it. It was strange because everything was completely underwater and either I could breath underwater or felt no need for air. I went back to the mother and tried to wake her to speak with her. She began to cry and we were communicating but I believe telepathically. I don't remember what we said though..
Before all of this I was walking through this garden, like a chinese garden. It was absolutely beautiful. So clean, also white, lots of flowers and somehowe mysterious. All of this was connected to the house of the girl.

There is more to the dream that I can't really remember. If I do I will add it.