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re[2]: schweben wie C.A.
KeineAhnung * schrieb am 16. Juni 2008 um 17:06 Uhr (803x gelesen):

Hi nochmal,

hier ist ein anderes Video und wenn du dir den Comment dazu durchliest erfährst du wies geht ;-)


the explantion: as with all stage levitations it was of course performed by wires no levitation over 5 feet cant be performed without wires....dont u notice when he is levitating they are showin u him at about 20 different angles through out the whole levitation not just 1 continous shot??
why?because he is attached to a commercial crane and it takes time to move the crane from spot to spot to show that there is nothing around him...he used the same wires david copperfield used in his stage lev

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