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re[2]: Die Dunkelheit navigieren.
tom * schrieb am 21. Oktober 2008 um 13:13 Uhr (818x gelesen):

Hallo zusammen

ich habe das dazu gefunden, passt dies mit eurem erlebten zusammen?

"Those familiar with Monroe's model will be aware of the Focus 21 state. This state is also known by many astral explorers as the '3D Blackness' state. You know when you arrive at this state as the black field of vision in front of you becomes completely 3D and you find yourself floating freely within it, rather than just observing it in a 2D fashion. As you can see, it lies right at the top end of my Focus 2 and it borders on Focus 3. The 3D Blackness state, or Monroe's F21 is what can best be described as a bridge state. This state can be viewed as the point at which your individual mind meets the wider astral, i.e. the state where your individual Consciousness Continuum (FOCUS 2) meets the 'common area' of your Consciousness Continuum (FOCUS 3). It is the jumping off point for all adventures in Focus 3, or the Astral Proper as some people call it.

I decided to use the label 'Focus Z' (as in Zero) to describe this state as it is unique in the Wider Reality and seems to deserve a label of its very own.

During the phasing process, people will pass through this state on their way to F3, but many people are unaware of it as they tend to flash through it so quickly. This is a shame since the FZ state is quite awesome in its own right. You can simply relax and float peacefully through the black void, just chilling out. Another thing you can do is to call forth any piece of music you care to think of and you will hear it all around you in glorious surround sound! You can also form 'astral windows' in this state, which will display any particular scene you care to think of in glorious high definition! You can use this as a jumping off point into F3 if you like: all you need to do is will yourself to step into the scene and there you go. There is likely to be plenty more to discover about the FZ state and further exploration is warranted. "

Gruss Tom

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