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re: was war das? help please.
Jokke * schrieb am 10. Februar 2012 um 16:32 Uhr (1696x gelesen):


Viel zu wenige Information um darüber etwas sagen zu können.
versucht erstmals auf diese Fragen antworten zu können.....

Paranormal questionnaire

1. Did you ever see a dense fog or haze (ectoplasm) “which wasn’t supposed to be there”?

2. Did you ever experience random noise, ringing or pressure in one or both ears?

3. Have you ever been paralysed, while laying in bed and another person or entity was with you in the same room?

4. Did you ever see a flash of lightning, light balls or” light rain drops” in your house or somewhere else?

5. Did you ever wake up at night panic stricken or do you suffer under other forms of panic attacks?

6. Did you ever hear a strong buzz or a pulsating noise which source you were unable to identify?

7. Did electrical appliances ever get distorted while you where nearby?

(Street lamps go out while passing, other lamps, radios, TV’s etc switching on or off…

8. Did you ever see a cloaked figure in or around your house, especially close

to your bed?

9. Dou you suffer under unexplainable insomnia?

waking you up in the night at the same time?

for example 1.00 a.m. / 2.22 a.m. or 1.23 a.m.?

10. Do you sometimes experience strange vibrations or trembling?

11. Do you have the feeling to be observed, especially at night?

12. Did you ever observe beams of light around your house or entering through the window?

13. Did you ever have any injuries/scars which source couldn’t be explained?

(Small round spots, straight linear scars, spots in triangle form, scars over your mouth,

in the nose or behind the ears).

14. Did you ever experience unexplainable time gaps-from one to several hours?

15. Did you ever experience dizziness or disturbances of your balance?

16. Do you see shadows or light reflexions in the peripheral of your eyes?

17. Did you ever experience that things move or disappear and re-appear in a different location?

18. Are you getting strange telephone calls (rings but nobody is on the line)?

19. Do you hear sounds like: the doorbell ringing, knocking on the door,

or a voice calling your name, in a phenomenal fashion with no logical explanation?

20. Do you observe strange behaviours of your children or pets?

21. Did you ever have strange light reflections or shadows in your photos?

22. Do you recognize the feeling of swinging or floating-being pulled or touched

while being relaxed?

23. Did you ever experience a person (known or unknown)

standing next to your bed, which you tried to communicate to but wouldn’t react?

(Bedroom Visitors)

24. Did you ever wake up with a heavy sensation/feeling on your chest

so you were hardly able to breathe?

25. Did you ever smell strange scents without being able to identify the source?

26. Do you experience heart rhythm disturbances caused by the vegetative nerve system ?

27. Do you believe in reincarnation?

28. Do you believe in creation? Darwinism, Creationism or Intelligent design

29. Do you believe in the existence of the devil (pure evil, demons)?

30. Do you know the sensation of a buzzing or tingling on your cranium (fly like)?

31. Do you have problems with your atlas vertebra (cracking or grizzling grit)?

32. Do you have floaters in your eye (mouches volantes), small dots or other tiny shapes floating in the periphery of your eyeballs?/ Mouches volantes ?

http://www.mouches- volantes.com/

33. Do you have pain or experience pressure in the area of your solar plexus?

34. Do you have complains of different kinds which change every day?

35. Do you have problems with gum infections?

36. Do you suffer from depression (negative thoughts) or fatigue?

37. Do you feel controlled by something?

(Please answer these questions with yes, no or maybe)

Notes ?


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